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Hello and welcome - so happy you are here!

I'm Gabriele, health and wellness coach, trained in the functional medicine paradigm, focused on healing body and soul. I am also a yoga teacher (RYT 500) and Reiki practitioner (levels I, II, III), and lover of planet Earth, good food, and life in flow. Throughout my own health journey, yoga, Reiki, my regular meditation practice, and a grounding in presence, connection, and energetic flow have made a radical difference. 

I have to admit, I had to learn this the hard way: Like so many of us and so many physicians in both the conventional and integrative/ holistic realm, I believed I had to work foremost on the body and biochemical level in order for healing to take hold. But - we are not just our physical bodies! Science has actually shown us again and again that true healing involves our mental states, belief system, and emotions, all of which create and influence our energy field, which in turn promotes - or not - regeneration and deep healing.

So what to do?

Nutrition and supplements and medications obviously assist with managing health issues, but they often have great limitations in chronic and life-long dis-ease patterns. How we relate to the world, to others, to life in general, and to the environment will deeply affect our health journey. Our dreams and wishes, the stories we tell ourselves, the beliefs and values we live by will all be powerful allies - or enemies - on the way to healing and well-being.

And so I invite you on a journey. I invite you on this beautiful, adventurous journey of exploring healing on many levels. I have started to call this body and soul coaching. To me that means that we don't limit ourselves to changing or fine-tuning supplements, medications, or even exercise and food intake (of course, there is a place for all that!!). It invites us to a powerful shift in perspective - a shift to looking at life and health as a whole experience.

I invite you to explore, become curious, laugh and cry with me as we investigate our challenges and as we look at our beliefs and dreams and wishes around wellness and health. Let's play it big and wide and boundless; let's include it all and see where it takes us.




Why Work with a Coach?

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Life-Style Medicine
  • Wholesome nourishment of body,  mind, spirit, and soul

  • Food choices, recipes, pantry makeovers

  • Sleep and relaxation

  • Movement and exercise

  • Connection and relationships

  • Body and soul healing

These are some of the pillars of Life-Style Medicine and my personal approach to coaching.

All the pillars can be  addressed, discussed, changed or modified as desired with the support of a coach.

I'd be thrilled to work with you on any of them!

Healing Circles

       Healing circles originated at Commonweal in Bolinas as support circles (specifically, cancer support circles). Founded by Michael Lerner, the intentions and principles for healing circle work have been expanded on and enriched by the work and insights of Christina Baldwin & Ann Linnea (The Circle Way), Parker Palmer (A Hidden Wholeness), Rachel Naomi Remen (Kitchen Table Wisdom), Diana & Kelly Lindsay, and many other heart- and community-focused people, healers, and activists.

       Healing circles help its members to step out of ordinary time into a safe and accepting environment (the circle), in which to explore healing. Central practices of a healing circle are to listen with attention and speak with heartful intention.

       Healing circles can come in form of healing circles proper (i.e. a type of support group to face health challenges), learning circles (often book circles or organized around a topic of interest), or discovery circles (often exploring creative expression such as in art, writing, poetry, etc.). All healing circles focus on the intention of reaching a deeper level of healing, wholesomeness, and sense of community.

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“Gabriele is a wonderful coach. She helped me achieve goals I have been thinking about for a long time. I am so thankful for her skillful & caring coaching in my life. If you're feeling stuck, Gabriele can help!”  

Julia, 2019



Please send me an email to set up an appointment for health & wellness and body & soul coaching.
First sessions are introductory and free.
Coaching for:
- Food Choices
- Pantry Make-overs
- Recipes
Please send me an email  to set up an appointment.
Healing Circles
I am available to host Healing Circles on various themes including:
- Health challenges
- Caregiver support
- Book and learning
- Meditation and
  movement circles.

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